It feels a bit early for such bold declarations, but Vogue is making them anyway. In a four-page spread in their January issue, they say of Karlie’s cut: “the season’s new hair is swingy, sexy — and refreshingly easy to wear.” Cuts fitting that description have been on the street for years, yet there is no denying Miss Kloss looks elegant and effortlessly beautiful wearing what is being labelled a ‘chop.’ With a slight layer in the front, it’s a low maintenance look that sets off the face, and encourages natural texture to come out to play. With a few layers and a fringe of bangs, a similar style will work from chin to shoulder length. To get this soon to be wildly popular look, click style notes. 

Step: Ask your stylist for a off-the-shoulder cut with light layering in the front and some choppy bangs. It should be loose and whimsical, draping off the chin as the perfect face-frame.

Step: Work styling whip through damp hair and allow to air dry. As it does, scrunch, twist and tousle to encourage natural texture.

Step: Pulse in refinish dry shampoo to add gritty texture and instant volume.

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