The archetypal modern bob softens the lines of its geometric predecessor

The bob is perhaps the most iconic hair cut. While the sternly geometric one-length version holds sway for Anna Wintour, most girls-about-town prefer something a little more laid back. Pairing the classic silhouette of a bob with texture, taper and even a cool matte finish is best way to keep the style looking youthful and fresh. Give your bob more oomph with tips in the style notes.

Step: Seek out a stylist proficient at razor cutting and ask for a razor cut bob with texture and taper. A razor cut creates more softness and diffusion than a scissor cut, which is perfect for the modern lived-in finish you are going for.

Step: For styling, towel dry hair to damp. In palms, cocktail a dime-size of Texture Paste with a little pea of Hair Creme. Work through hair roots to ends. The Paste will create lots of messy texture and separation, while the Creme will soften the finish.

Step: Blast dry while using hands to toss hair around for breezy natural texture. Shake out and finger-comb loosely into shape.

Step: If you need more texture and volume at the finish, pulse in layers of ReFINISH dry shampoo and tousle and shake out some more.

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