Image Credit: Photo by Bennet Raglin; hair by Allen Ruiz for Aveda; Image sourced from 
The dog days of summer is when curly girls get out their death stare. It goes something like this: you spend two hours turning that humidity frizz ball into a wave cascade and then your BFF tells you how jealous they are of your ‘easy texture’ and then you give them the death stare. Or this: you spend 3 hours straightening out your hair to meet your other BFF and she tells you how she made her hair straight in five minutes and then you give them the death stare. Let go of the angst with this quick and easy how-to for stylishly controlling curls with product and elastic. 

Step: Rinse hair and towel-dry. To control frizz and unify curls, mix a quarter-size of Hypnotic Curl Calmer with a quarter-size of Elixir Defrizzing Gel in palms. Work evenly through the hair, using a comb if desired. 
Step: Make a slightly off-center center part (few people look good with their face split right down the middle) and rake the hair back behind the crown. As with the picture, leave a few tendrils out down each side of the front, by the ears, and at the nape. 
Step: Tie off your first pony just below the occipital bone, nice and tight. Tie off a second pony 3-5 inches before the ends. 
Result: The loose pieces in the front frame the face with the timeless beauty of cascading curls. The loose pieces by the ears and the nape are equally beautiful, serving to give the style an insouciant, free-flowing, casual romantic feeling. The tightness of the pony below the occipital ensures the hair hugs the head shape and curls stay under control. The second pony prettifies the whole look with the perfect lil tail. 
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