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Last weekend the beach beauties and the fashion-forward met in Miami for the Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim Week 2014. Amongst the glitz and glamour of the hottest models flashing the sexiest bikinis and beach wear for next season, we also noticed some tantalizing hair and makeup. It shows that even with a perfect body and a vogue bikini, careful attention to beauty can elevate any look. For tips on recreating these four favorite hairstyles, click style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart 

The Drop Down Wave: Notice how the model’s hair is straight at the roots, and then tumbles into a wave cascade. This is the archetypal, seventies-inspired way to wear a beach wave. Creating this look is easy with a curling wand: Mist damp hair with protective thickening lotion and set and style spray and, about 4-inches off the root, curl hair into romantic “C” shaped waves. Mist finished style with primp working spray for humidity defense, playful hold, and shine.

The Beaded Pony: Not much says beatnik bohemian carefree beach babe more than a pony accepted with beaded rope. Use hair creme to smooth hair to the back and make a thick, lush pony on the occipital bone. Now twine in your favorite beaded or bejeweled, rope-like accessory.

Swirling Undone Top-Knot: The swirling nature and gritty texture makes this the perfect beachy top-knot. Mist dry hair with refinish dry shampoo and gather on the crown. Leave a few strands out around the hair line to encourage the lived-in feel and wind mass of hair into swirling, swooshing, none-to-perfect bun. Mist again with refinish to add more texture and fray artistically with hands.

Pretty Bow: A feminine take on the pompadour and a colorful headband bow combine for a whimsical, girly and flirty look. Use pomade to turn hair back of the forehead in a pompadoured roll and then accent with a prettily tied bow, cleverly placed off of center to enhance an asymmetrical face-frame.

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