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So I just got asked to me a bridesmaid! I’m excited as I’ve never gotten to be in a wedding party before. Since I’ll be in a lineup of other cute gals in the same dress I want to find an easy way to still feel like myself. I figured the easiest option besides nail polish or jewelry would be my hair!  Obviously I want to look polished, but not overly done so I decided on a great half up do involving two braids. It’ll be great for the keeping my hair out of my face yet still looking prim without rocking a stereotypical helmet hair updo. The other thing I love about this braid is that it is totally a style I can rock all summer. Think this look will be right for your next event? Click through to style notes to learn how to create it! –– Michelle Rotbart

Step One: Start by waving your hair using a curling wand, using Protective Thickening Lotion to shield against heat while adding oomph. Once complete, gather and section off your crown. Clip this section away.

Step Two: Take one inch sections on the right and left side of your hairline near your temple and braid each sections. Backcomb to secure.

Step Three: Bring these two plaits forward and then unclip the hair in your crown. Bring these two strands back and marry them. Secure both braids with a pin.  Then section one out inch sections below your first set of braids on either side. Repeat the set of braids you did before.

Step Four: Bring the second pair of side braids back to the middle of your head and cross them right beneath your first braids. Secure with bobby pins. Complete your look with a few pulses of primp for shine and versatile hold.

Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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