Glossy waves makes sexiness a certainty. If you’re getting ready for a Friday night out, adopt this style, so that when you enter the room, you’ll be the wow-factor.  Glossy waves can, however, be a challenge to make. Too much product can make them crispy instead of flouncy, careless handling can make the texture rough instead of smooth. Sometimes glossy waves go limp, other times they refuse to move at all. What’s the secret to perfect glossy waves? We got the notion. . .

Step: Prep damp, towel-dried hair with set and style spray from roots to ends and work a dime-size of shine luxe oil from mid-lengths to ends.

Step: Using a round paddle brush wrap dry hair smooth. (A wrap dry goes round and round the head, in both directions, while the brush is kept on the scalp. The brush works with the natural smoothness of the rounded surface of the scalp to create beautifully smooth hair.)

Step: When hair is 100% dry, work another dime of shine luxe oil throughout all of your hair. Brush hair with a round paddle brush to distribute product.

Step: Beginning a few inches off the root –– so the style romantically transitions from straight to wavy –– curl hair away from face in one-inch sections using a curling wand.

Step: When hair is completely curled, spray healing oil over the surface. Now spray healing oil into your hands, flip head upside down, and rake waves out with fingers.

Step: Flip head back up and gently tousle and rake into perfect shape. Mist a light coat of fierce firm hold hairspray over the finish for support and flyaway defense.

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