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With Summer winding down and Fall around the corner, its time to HEAL THAT HAIR! If your hair is limp & stringy or simply dull with a loss of natural shine, Healing Oil is for you. Filled with precious oils, no silicones, parabens or sulfates, it nourishes damaged hair, boosts shape and contains sunscreen for further hair protection.

Here’s 3 Ways to Use Healing Oil


For Wavy Texture

Instead of towel drying hair, which can cause frizz. Spray Healing Oil into wet hair and scrunch to dry. Tousle your hair at the roots to promote natural texture.


For A Sleek Blowout

An all-in-one blowout spray: heat protection, shine, AND UV protection. Spray Healing Oil into damp hair. Then blow dry with a round brush for a smooth and silky finish.


For a Quick Shine Booster

Spray Healing Oil onto your comb and lightly brush it through your hair from roots to ends. This will give you a quick shine boost so you can go about your day the shining star that you are.


Healing Oil + Shipping is FREE with orders $60+ this week on Offer ends 9.10.18 at 9am EST.

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