liven up pony

Our ready-to-wear hairstyle is always a pony. Because why not? It’s classic and yet modern. Elegant and yet on the edge. Usually when we want to liven up a low ponytail, an elegant clip at the nape of the neck is sure to do the trick. But then we came across an IT girl wearing a reinterpretation of our beloved style, using a kilt pin. Needless to say we were super excited our favorite sophisticated style got a jolt of the downtown vibe. This is a definitely one of fall’s must have looks! Care to put some edge into your low ponytail? Click through to style notes to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart


Step One: Start with clean dry hair. Proceed to part your hair down the middle and pulse in refinish dry shampoo starting at the roots, and working your way towards the ends.

Step Two: Next create a U shaped section, tie the bottom of the section into a low ponytail and secure the top with a hair clip. Next, slide a kilt pin or extra large safety pin through the bottom section of the pony. Make sure to release and smooth the top section of hair into the pin before securing closed.

Step Three: Use a lightweight working spray like primp to spray all over the hair to create envy-worthy hold and shine. Finish the look by gently pulling some wisps from the hairline to give the look a perfectly imperfect aura.


Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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