Made famous and iconic by Brigitte Bardot, this classic style straddles the line between girl-next-door and sensual sex kitten. Volume at the crown creates bumptiousness, low tails add elegance and class for a perfectly contrasting combination. If you’re preparing for a Labor Day Weekend occasion, what could make a better entrance than this eye-catching look. Learn how to create it in the notes.


Step: Apply volume foam to damp hair; flip head upside down and blow-dry in hands, building volume from root to tip. Stop at 90% dry. Finish the blow-dry with a round brush to give the shape some curvature.

Step: Separate your bang section into a full fringe or a center-part (your choice). Make a center-part. Behind the part, brush hair to the crown and gently tease. Once desired volume is reached, smooth out the texture with a boar bristle brush.

Step: Sweep back the sides and gather into a ponytail at the nape. Separate a one-inch hair strand and wrap around the pony to fix.

Step: Spray refinish into the crown and pony, amping texture and body.

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