princess plait

Always poised and pampered and posh, Olivia Palermo looked like a modern-day fairytale princess at the New York City Ballet Spring 2015 gala. She stepped out in a flowing Valentino gown which she paired with a beautiful four-strand French braid. The entwine would make Rapunzel jealous. Besides the princess reference, this braid looks cool because it’s voluminous and airy and totally free-flowing. Certainly a look perfect for the summer. Care to try on this style? Click through to style notes to get the know-how.

Step One: Work five pumps of volume foam into damp hair and distribute from roots to ends before blow-drying off the roots with hands.

Step Two: Once hair is dry, begin weaving a three-strand French braid at the crown. Once you get to the mid-length, change over to a four-strand braid for a rope-like effect. If you don’t know how to do a four-strand braid, you can continue with a three strand version, or even try the fishtail technique.

Step Three: When you get to the end of your hair, secure the plait with a clear elastic and spray it with holding spray.


Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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