Thanksgiving fills our hearts with warmth and love. A good time to take a look at the heart-shaped braid. Beatnik, bohemian, artistic, playful and fun it’s a way to keep hair off the face and wear a unique, wonder-inspiring style. This breakdown of the heart shaped braid is a great way to add an offbeat look to your styling arsenal…

Step 1: On dry hair, toulse refinish dry shampoo into roots to add gritty texture that will help the braid grip.

Step 2: Create a perfect center-part using comb.

Step 3: From crown, use comb to create a curved hairline that goes to the top of the ear. Clip out of the way.

Step 4: Start french braiding at the crown  and curve the braid to the ear. Only use hair from outside the heart shape, not hair that’s in the clip.

Step 5: Once you get to the back of the ear, release clip and start to weave that hair into the entwine. Braid all this hair to the nape and clip away.

Step 6: On the opposite side, do exactly the same.

Step 7: Once you get to the nape, unclip the first side and braid the two sides together.

Step 8: Tie off with clear elastic.

Step 9: Pulse refinish dry shampoo into finished look and arbitrarily yet artfully pull at a few braided pieces to loosen them, adding some undone disheveled tousle to the finish.

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