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Fashion month is in full swing in New York City and I’m predicting there will be an assortment of changes in fashion and beauty. One thing that’s staying the same? Enviable, looks-complicated-but-isn’t hairstyles. I’ve seen braids and ponytails come and go and have loved most, but I’ve always held on to the knotted ponytail. It’s an easy update to the classic ponytail and requires no hot tools or braiding skills. A win all around. So even if you don’t know what will be in next season quite yet, this look transcends time. Click through to the notes to learn how to get it. –– Michelle Rotbart  Step One: Start with second day hair and separate out two sections right down the middle of your head. Next take hold of each section and cross them, pulling the right over the left. Switch hands and pull each section taut.

Step Two: Slide your hands down and loop the two sections. Use your fingers to loop one side of hair through the opening you created and then pull each side tight to secure the knot.

Step Three: Tie off your ponytail with a clear elastic just below the knot. Then place a bobby pin right down into the top of your knot. This will hold it together and will help blend the two sections.

Step Four: Grab a one-inch section of hair from the underside of your length and wrap it around the clear elastic. Secure with a bobby pin and finish with a few sprays of holding spray. Special Thanks to Michelle Rotbart for this post. Michelle is a professional trend forecaster for the NYC-based fashion and retail forecaster, Doneger Group

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