Want to stay cool in the heat? We recommend the turban; pair with a messy bun for a sexy and sophisticated, free spirited summer style. They’re great for hot sunshine as they keep hair off of the face, protect hair and head from UV rays. We even spotted fashion blogger, Nicole Alyse, of Running In Wedges rocking the look and gave us a break down on how to perfect it. Inventive and chic, the turban can be your go-to summer style with our pictorial how-to…

Step: Apply detangling foam, then run fingers through hair and gather into a high ponytail.

Step: Twist hair around into a messy bun, then secure with an elastic.

Step: Bring scarf behind head, holding one end in each hand. Bring ends forward to the front of the head, then cross them over each other.

Step: Cross ends of the scarf over each other again, so they have been completely twisted in the opposite direction.

Step: Pull each end towards the back of the head and wrap it into the turban to secure.


Scarf shown in the photo’s above that we’re loving right now is by Otrera.

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