It’s often the case that we have a signature style that we love, and that always seems to look right, but when it comes to making a change, something fancy, fun, or hip, perhaps for a night on the town, we struggle to create. Yet if you use the right products and tools, or can keep a few good tips and tricks in you back pocket, you can positively change your style, quick as a flash. So if there’s more Holiday parties to attend this weekend, and you need a new look to make you feel good,  use the images above for inspiration, and find our quick and easy tips to help your hair feel trendy and new in the style notes.

Step 1: One key to quick changes is to have the right products and tools to hand. Make sure you have a hot iron or wand so you can always get a swift fix. Use protective thickening lotion and set & style spray and almost any look can be achieved.

Step 2: Use the products and an iron or wand for quick-set options. Mist both products through hair section by section by lifting hair off the root and spritzing in. Then use your iron to create extra smoothness and shine, or some wave and curl movements –– whatever you want to do.

Step 3: Adjusting the position of your parting is another option for an instant change. Make partings more-or-less central and create textural waves down the sides with products and the iron for a seventies-inspired, beachy look. Alternatively, go for very wide, deep parting that instantly creates an asymmetrical, face-framing, short-to-long look.

Step 4: Don’t forget about ponytails and quick upstyles. For a striking change, a high –– on or above the occipital bone –– ponytail is modern, flirty, fun, with lots of polished elegance. It’s a great way to add drama to any look. Or you could add texture to your hair with your hot tools, and then twist into a messy, modern updo.

Step 5: Another idea is a fancy accessory. Accessorize with a high sparkle (fake!) diamond beret or tiara and you’ll be the jewel in the crown of any party.

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