Blackened garnet red glows deeply from within dark waves in this rich look. The saturated hue gives shine and sparkle to dark hair; a slightly lighter shade near roots enhances the natural effects of light. The undulating lengths blend the transition from bright to dark and expose flecks of ruby buried on the interior. Mine this look for your own hair in a few simple steps.

Step 1: Ask your colorist for a subtle reverse ombre that uses multiple shades of the same tone. The color seen here has a cool red tone, but copper or scarlet would work as well. Choose a shade that suites your own features and lifestyle.

Step 2: Red hair is prone to fading; maximize your hue with color save shampoo and conditioner. Using refinish dry shampoo between washings will keep your hair looking fresh by absorbing oil and adding volume.

Step 3: To get natural waves like these ones, prep hair by applying curl enhancer through mid-lengths and ends. Split into large sections and twist into coils. Dry the coils from roots to ends. Allow to set, and comb out gently with fingers.

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