High Snobiety

Kendall Jenner is the star of LOVE Magazine’s newest film paying homage to the ‘50s model and movie star Marilyn Monroe.

Kendall switches it up from her usual long sleek hair to a short curled bob, so we much that we barely recognized her. Her curls scream volume and texture and we are loving every second of it!

So how do you get this tousled textured yourself?

Lucky for you, there is a new product line, American Wave Hair Care, made specifically for curls and texture.

Start by washing your hair with this ReHab Shampoo.

Next, you can use the Rogue Co-Cleanse, a lather-free cleansing conditioner to remove build-up without drying or stripping natural oils from your hair, which help improve hair texture and promote healthy waves and curls.

You could then add in a nickel-size of Elixir Defrizzing Gel to unify and define your waves before drying.

To dry you could either air-dry or use a diffuser for more styled results.

Finish the look with Glint Texture & Shine Spray by spraying onto the hair and using fingertips to tousle and style to your liking.

And Voila! You will look like a Jenner! Try this on yourself and tag your photos with #AmericanWaveHairCare so we can see your luscious locks.

Check out the rest of Kendall Jenner’s photo’s below!


High Snobiety


High Snobiety


High Snobiety

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