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Hair painting has become the new it way to have highlights put into hair. Both foiling and hair painting can produce gorgeous effects and both can significantly change your natural color. The real question is do you know the difference between the two. Click the notes to get the details.

Whether you go for foils or hand painted is really determined by what your goal is. Sometimes, the best hair color is developed by using a combination of hair painting and foils. Below are some basic pros and cons of both techniques of coloring. 

Classic Foiled Highlights (left pictures)

Color placed on small sections of hair and folded into foil. Foils are laid in patterns on head to provide even coverage.

Pros: Extreme precision, consistent color roots to ends, even dimensional tones, ease of washing out in sections minimizes over processing, can produce dramatic color changes.

Cons: Lines of demarcation as hair grows out; if highlights are not fine enough they can become clearly visible and look unnatural.

Hand Painted Highlights: (right pictures)

Hair is freely painted in sections by hand and laid flat, normally separated by plastic wrap. Color is not always placed in patterns, and is put wherever color wants to be seen.

Pros: Free form color, natural-looking and softer, much faster than foils, no lines of demarcation, can give a more solid color with little to no striping.

Cons: To get the perfect subtle effects you must find a highly trained colorist who is really an artist, can produce ombre effects over time that can require foil highlighting to blend in, not even color root to ends.


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