This forward leaning version of the topknot reminds us of a pillbox hat. The blonde color, off-kilter placement and soft texture give the look a sixties feel that has, in equal parts, the class of Jackie O and the sexiness of Bridgette Bardot. A broach or veil would be fun enhancements for the look. Get your own mod style in a few simple steps.

Step: Prep hair with refinish dry shampoo for feathery texture and support. Brush into a very high off-center ponytail and secure with a rubber band.

Step: Backbrush the underside of the ponytail lightly until desired expansion and roughness are achieved. Slowly spread out ponytail, working the sides up and over until a doughnut shape is formed.

Step: Secure finished shape into base with bobby pins. Add more dry shampoo to fix in place and keep finish matte.

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