A headband can be more than an accessory. Place them right and they can help you hold styles in place, while they always carry feminine allure and charm. For elegant, girly or flirty looks a low bun and a well placed headband is both super chic and quick and easy to do. Learn how in the notes.


Step: Apply styling whip generously through towel-dried hair. Rough dry with hands and blowdryer, tossing hair up and down, left and right.

Step: Part your hair in the middle or to the side as preferred. For a romantic effect, loosely wrap a few of the front pieces round a curling iron or wand, turning the iron away from your face. Alternatively, smooth hair down for sleekness or sweep across the face for eye-catching drama.

Step: Position your headband an inch from your hairline and round the back of your head, just above the nape of your neck. Push it up to create height at the crown.

Step: Mist hair with refinish dry shampoo to add texture and grip and gather into a low ponytail. Tuck it up and over into the headband at the nape, bringing it together in the middle. Use pins to create a round bun shape from the tucked hair and to add additional support.

Step: Loosen a couple of pieces in the front for softness and dishevel the bun with hands, if you want more of a messy effect. Spray healing oil over the finishing style for extra polish and gloss.

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