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Photo: Irina Vitjaz AW ’17 NYFW Presentation Model. Photo by Steve Nay

We adore this look created by the ARROJO NYC editorial team for the Irina Vitjaz presentation at New York Fashion Week AW ’17. A vintage glamor wave, with one side tucked behind the ear and the other side tumbling forwards, over the neck and shoulders, a soft asymmetrical effect is created, one which encourages the eyes of an admirer to drift all across the face frame, taking in the model’s high jawline, sultry eyes, and perfect pout. Best of all, with the right tools and techniques you can recreate this look at home in 15-20 minutes. Learn how below. 

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Cocktail volume foam and styling whip in palms and work through hair roots to ends. Blow-dry with hands; lift hair off the roots and toss from side to side to encourage natural root lift and texture.

Step: Once dry, side part hair, using outside edge of the eyebrow as a guide to placement. Liberally mist whole head with Protective Thickening Lotion. Curl whole head using a curling wand. Curl in opposite directions for natural looking waves and curls. Make the hair really wavy and curly.

Step: Mist ReFINISH dry shampoo into the roots to instantly increase texture, volume and grip. Brush hair through on both sides of the parting, creating the soft asymmetrical style with beautiful texture, wave and curl. The more you brush out, the more you will brush the curls away, so go gently until you have the perfect shape and style for you.

Step: Generously mist fierce firm hold hairspray over the finished style to calm flyways while adding hold and shine.

Hair by AlexAziza, Peggie & Brad for ARROJO NYC



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