Hairiscopes? Yes, you’ve read it correctly. Horoscopes for your hair!

The word horoscope is derived from Greek words “hõra” and “scopos” meaning “time” and “observer.” Horoscopes are used as a method of regarding events related to the positions of the stars. Instead of the usual life advice horoscopes dish out to the masses, I am going to offer hair advice!

The Summer Solstice, the official start of summer, happens when the sun enters Cancer each year on June 21st. The sun stops right over the Tropic of Cancer, located at the northernmost point of the planet, making it the longest day of the year!

So what does the sun entering Cancer mean for your hair? 


Refinery 29

Refinery 29

It’s time to relish in your natural beauty— step back from your styling tools and rock your hair the way god made it.


Snip snip, a big chop is headed your way. Embrace your change and enjoy the romantic attention your new do will attract.


You may be in a bit of a rut— now is the time to switch up your hair routine. If you have long flowing locks, try out a bob; If you’ve got a bob, opt for a few months of extensions; If you wear your hair straight, amp up the curl!




The sun moving into Cancer will spark a large burst of creativity.  Get creative with your hair— try out a fun bright color like purple or pastel pink or go crazy & do a little mixing action.


You are in need of a refresh, Leo and it starts with a new look. A pixie cut will have you feeling fresh inside & out in no time.


Now is the time to play, Virgo. If there was ever any hairstyle you’ve always wanted but didn’t dare act upon— it’s your time to make your dream hair come true!


You’ve got a lot going on career-wise right now, Libra. Hold off on the hair transformations until winter. You will thank me later.




An exciting trip is headed your way— grow your hair out so you can enjoy the cornucopia of long hair styling options for your Instagram-able summer.


The Solstice may be bringing you some extra cash.  Now you can finally lighten up. Go for a balayage or a heavy blonde highlight


Be on the lookout for “The One.” Your forever hairstyle is approaching. The next style you get will be with you for the long haul.


Your daily routine needs more self-care, Aquarius. Revamp your hair & beauty routine to reflect what makes you happy.




It’s time to embark on a new hair journey. Pick a color such as platinum or a pastel that will have you working your way up to the final color. Enjoy the journey and the different shades that will eventually get you where you need to be.


Stay tuned for more hairscopes coming your way!


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