Today we found this classic picture of British beauty, Keira Knightley. It reminds us that an amazing hair cut can guild the lily of even the prettiest flower. A youthful, choppy bob with side bangs, the back has been razor cut into a graduated shape, which helps hair to appear elevated, giving the impression of extra volume. The jagged lines of the razor also aid the feeling of separation and piece-y-ness; the cut looks carefree and easy, and hangs perfectly above Keira’s chin. We think this is a great style for a hip girl about town because it’s modern, beautifying and fun. For tips on styling modern bobs, click style notes. 

Step: The best thing about a bob is the swing and movement you can create with a good blowdry. This shows off its beauty – timeless, classic, and always in. Prep damp hair with volume foam, working the product from roots to ends.

Step: Now wraparound blowdry with a paddle brush. Start with your brush placed on your hair, just above the top of your forehead. Now keep your brush on your scalp and literally brush it all the way around your head. From the front go 360 degrees around your head with the heat of your dryer following the path of the brush. Now do the exact same thing but going in the other direction. Repeat till 95% dry. This will create natural texture with lots of movement.

Step: Now pulse refinish dry shampoo into style, shake and tousle, creating lived-in texture, separation, and a sexy undone feel.

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