Ponytails are a quintessential summer style; quick, easy, and less fussy than other up-styles. The classic shape works for a variety of aesthetics, and can easily be customized with detailing. This particular variation pairs sleek texture and low volume with with a pair of partings, drawn in opposite directions from the same point at the front hairline. The look is refined and tailored, with a bit of rocker edginess, especially if the parts are drawn from the center forming a mohawk shape. For an unexpected collaging of moods, pair it with your favorite sun dress. Read on for detailed steps to creating the look. –– Laura Martin

Step: Using set and style for hold and hair creme for reduced volume and smoothness, dry hair sleek with a paddle brush.

Step: Comb all hair straight back, then, with the front edge of the comb draw two divergent lines from a single point somewhere along the front hairline back to the crown. A centered point will give the strongest effect; lines may run either perpendicular or slightly askew. Comb the hair between the partings in and back, leavening visibly defined lines, and secure to back of the head.

Step: Carefully comb back remaining hair, being careful not to disturb center section. Pull all strands together at the nape into a tight ponytail, secured with a cloth band. If desired, use a small section of the tail to cover the band, wrapping it snuggly at the base.

Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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