This gorgeous wispy bob makes the most of natural movement. A-line and slightly asymmetrical, the cut pushes hair towards the face, creating a flattering, feathery frame. The highly textured interior decreases bulk in thick locks or increases volume in fine hair. The bits of peach, apricot and lemon accentuating the nut brown base emphasizes the texture. Get your own version of this fetching, disheveled style in a few easy steps…

Step 1: Get a razored, asymmetric bob. The razor maximizes internal texture and creates space in hair, enhancing movement.

Step 2: Go for warm gold and peach highlights focused around the face to vary surface quality and add dimension.

Step 3: To style, apply a liberal amount of hair crème and allow hair to dry naturally. When almost dry, scrunch a small amount of texture paste into ends for definition and separation.

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