A bouffant puffs out into a rounded shape. One of the first styles women wore to give that vital illusion of volume and fullness, it is a vintage, retro look made popular again by TV shows like Mad Men, and by a general drift back to the trends of the sixties. Here we see why it’s such a timeless look. Worn with cascading tousle, this buxom bouffant shows off sexuality and femininity by exposing features like shoulders and neck, while elevating the profile of cheekbones and chin. If you have a posh brunch date, or are planning a night on the town, you can impress your friends with this winning style. Fr our tips to making it yours, click style notes.

Step: Liberally apply set & style spray to damp hair.

Step: Curl entire head with one-inch curling iron. Pin-set each curl to the head.

Step: Once cool, unclip pin-curls and brush out the set with a bristle brush until you get a nice wavy texture with lots of volume.

Step: Split hair in two sections –– front and back. Use the ears as the center-line. Now, from the middle of the crown, make a rough ponytail and clip it out of the way. This will help bouffants have volume.

Step: Tease hair with a comb, beginning at the nape. Go up to the centerline and pin with bobby pins. Move to the front. On each side, tease hair and smooth with a brush. Pin each side until all hair in pinned.

Step: Now, release ponytail and tease. Smooth out the finish with a brush. Mist whole look with holding spray for hold and shine.

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