Petra Němcová may have us beat when it comes to leg length and cheekbone structure, but the Czechoslovakian bombshell can’t keep this gorgeous updo all to herself! A polished side-part in the front marries a softly tousled twist in the back, creating elegant composition, divine contrast. The trick to such artful updos is to put wave and movement into hair before you pull it up, as this gives the visual interest of cascading texture to go with the urbanity of an updo. If you want to make your own version, click style notes for an easy how-to-do.

Step: Work styling whip through damp strands and blowdry with hands for natural texture. Separate hair into two horizontal sections –– front and back.

Step: Using a curling iron or wand, curl hair, create curls all around, alternating between curls that go inwards and outwards. Now separate curls into four sections –– two sides, forward of crown, and back of crown. You can pin the top section away.

Step: Use a paddle brush to brush out the curls in the other three sections, loosening them and adding volume. Take the back section, create a looped ponytail, and then twist it into bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Step: Release and tease the top section and then loop and pin it around your bun, but not too perfectly.

Step: Take the left side-section and twist around the bun in the back. Again, use bobby pins to secure. Repeat on the right. The result should be a matted, cascading bun –– lots of volume and texture within a tousled shape.

Step: Mist style with primp for more texture, hold and grip. The finish should not be perfect, so if needed, artfully pull out a few strands here and there to aid the disheveled feeling.

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