Summer may be a great time to tousle your natural texture, putting nonchalant beachiness into your hairstyle, but now that everyone is doing it, it’s good to have other options for weekends full of frolics and fun. Imagine high shine texture; imagine sleek looks and sultriness; here’s how-to get them.

Step: Use Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for ultimate hydration. The more moisture, the less likely the hair is to frizz up or flyaway. Leave the conditioner in for 2 mins before rising, so it can penetrate through the hair shaft.

Step: Mist Protective Thickening Lotion into damp hair. Not only will it protect from heat tool use, it has UV protection, thickening benefits and light hold. Apply at the roots to give volume at the crown, and apply on mid-lengths and ends to protect against heat from hot tools.

Step: Blow-dry on high speed and high heat using a mid-size boar bristle round brush to create lift and silky smoothness by working from roots to ends in manageable sections.

Step: Once dry, apply a light coat of Healing Oil and use a Smoothing Iron to make hair as straight as smooth and as glossy as possible. Once done, apply more Healing Oil in light even bursts, giving hair an alluring patina of sexy summer sultriness.

Alternate Step: Using Beeswax for polish, slip, and definition finishing with Pomade allows sultry high shine to combine with a lived-in, disheveled texture. Simply finger-style Pomade artistically into dry hair, creating soft hold, high shine, and a textured finish. You can also use it to control cowlicks and flyaways.


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