This tumbling updo looks perfectly effortless. The loose sweep of the sides, the off kilter shape, and the stray ends give the look an appealing, natural quality. It’s hard to believe that something so loose and contemporary could be related to the classic French twist, but the two are constructed in a surprisingly similar way. Click through the style notes to see how…

Step: Prep hair with dry shampoo to create volume and grip. Using your fingers, pull back hair from one side of the head and pin loosely in the back with a few bobby pins. Take the ends and twist in toward the head. Secure with more pins.

Step: Comb back hair from the other side, swiveling hair in and up, creating a conical shape. Push this section in toward the head, allowing the hair to separate and the shape to soften.

Step: Wrap the top of the twist up and over the crown and secure with bobby pins. Pull out random strands to soften the style and add a headband for additional control over face-framing strands.

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