If you’re on the last minute, or put so much time into your costume that you forgot all about your hair, you can quickly add fun, bright color to halloween ensembles with a splash of hair chalk. A dash to your local beauty supply store or even Urban Outfitters will garner the gamut of shades for less than $30. Read on for tips and tricks for using this fun product for the humor and ridicule of All Hallow’s Eve…


Step: Select your first strand to color and mist lightly with water. (Be creative; think about the shape of your cut and style and how to best accent it with color.) Use gloves to prevent staining your fingers, or wrap chalk in a paper towel, leaving out the tip.

Step: Rub hair over the chalk. It is important to twist hair as your chalk to help the pigment release. Be sure to brush off any excess powder. If using multiple tones, go with the lightest colors first and build into darker shades. Repeat on subsequent sections and allow hair to dry completely.

Step: Mist dry hair with PrIMP working spray to help the chalk stick; curling or straightening with hot tools adds shine and drama. The tones will last until your next shampoo

Step: Chalking does dry out hair. Over the weekend, treat your strands to a Hair Repair Masque to put the moisture back.

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