The halo braid has been popping up all over the place this spring. An organic take on the headband, it is elegant and chic and is great for when you don’t have the time or the energy to blowdry and style. It is also the perfect option if you need to disguise your roots in the weeks before you get your color done. Most of all, it is a terrific, girly summer style!

Step: Prep hair with Refinish dry shampoo at the root area to add texture and hold to the style. This style wont work if your hair is freshly washed.

Step: Scrape hair back into a low pony using a cushion brush and plait all the way to the end. Secure with a clear hair band so it doesn’t show. Alternatively, if your hair is shorter, this can be created by brushing hair towards the front of your head and braiding from ear to ear.

Step: Wrap it around and secure in place with bobby pins.

Step: Mist with hairspray to hold in place, but still allow pieces to come loose to add to the disheveled feel of the style.


Style Notes provided by Mariesa Ferraro, Senior Colorist, ARROJO studio, NYC. 

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