If Mad Men is going gangbusters it is surely because of its accurate portrayal of the human nature of woman and man. Oft forgotten, however, is the stylistic authenticity of the art direction. The era is painted in bouffants and beehives on one side, masculine tailoring on the other. And here we see Betty showing how to wear a headband with the perfect texture to accent this look –– romantic waves. It is full of sixties style and class. Mad Men kicks off again this weekend; it’s a great place to look for era-driven, inspirational styles.

Step: Let’s do it like they did in the sixties! Let’s roller set to create smoothness, texture and volume. 

Step: On damp hair, apply Styling Creme and a little Curl Creme. Wind on eight big rollers –– two on top, four on each side. The side rollers can move toward the back to fit.

Step: Leave rollers on till dry. Hit hair with cool air from blowdryer. Unwind rollers.

Step: Brush out most of the set, especially toward the top. This will leave you with wavy movement and a lot of volume.

Step:  Sweep headband over the top and tuck behind ears.

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