This is a great way to wrap the headscarf around the top of the head to create luxurious bohemian style. Worn by intrepid style blogger, Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess, she creates the perfect, softly tousled look to accent a beatnik style. Another benefit of headscarves: they protect hair from elements like sunshine, heat and humidity, so they are a splendid fit for summer. If you want to wear a headscarf, flowery patterns provide hippy chic; plain, bold colors offer poise and panache.

Step: Make sure a square scarf is big enough to fold in half and still tie a knot or bow around your head. Use long narrow scarves for tying elaborate bows.

Step: For styling like Elsie, apply styling whip to damp hair. Rough dry with blowdryer. Lift hair off the root and toss from side to side as you blowdry. This creates movement, texture, volume. Down each side section, twist small sections of hair around fingers. Blowdry these twists up and down with the nozzle always pointing down. This adds waviness down the sides.

Step: When complete, use Refinish dry shampoo to make the style more lived-in, and increase texture.

Step: Adorn with your favorite headscarf. Keep it over the top of hair; keep it loose and casual.

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