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Crimping can be scary for some people; horror pictures from the 80s may come to mind. The truth is it should be one of the looks you to go to; it changes things up and stands out from the sea of beachy waves most girls are sporting right now. Click the notes for all tips about crimping for summer. –– Kelly Rowe

Take a cue from beachy wave styling. Beachy waves are sexy because they are imperfect with just the right amount of messiness. Crimping must be imperfect to be worn outside of anything editorial or Halloween. Random crimping around the whole head and making sure not to perfectly match up crimp lines will keep the volume down and edginess up.

Use a styling product without much shine. A styling product like wave mist applied to strands before crimping will help hold the looks in place and keep styled bits from becoming frizzy, all while maintaining a low sheen look. Too much shine will make the hair look dated. Matte texture is in for summer.

Try not to touch your hair too much. It’s ok to crimp and brush through a bit to get big texture but once hair is set try not to touch it. The biggest mistake people make with crimped hair is playing with it, which causes your bended strands to break out of form and fluff up. In the summer this will just be amplified by humidity.

Keep your roots flat. In the winter it’s fine to style close to the root but in the summer don’t do it. You will get too much lift as the day or night goes on and your hair will look more like a mistake.

Pair the look with your hottest beach party bikini. Crimps weren’t made for sundresses at a chic lunch they were made for hot beach parties so pair accordingly.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.

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