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This style changes everything. That’s the great thing about having a statement cut and color –– it gives a new feeling to your entire wardrobe. This look makes a simple t-shirt and jeans combo into a rock and roll ensemble; it gives a classic sheath dress a futuristic edge; it elevates anything you dare pair it with. The disconnected lengths, short on the sides, long on top, are accentuated by contrasting colors and swept up in gravity defying peaks. The look is androgynous and versatile, merging pompadour, mohawk, and pixie. The tall shape elongates and lifts the face getting you the right kind of attention. Click the style notes for tips and professional color formulations. –– Laura Martin

Cut: Section out the hair at or just below the parietal ridge in a horseshoe shape. Beginning in the nape, cut all hair in the lower section short and tight, keeping fingers vertical to produce a lean shape. On the top section, work short to long, gradually increasing length toward the front hairline. Keep ends soft and undefined for a lean, versatile shape.

Color: Foil the top section using back to back placement for bold ribbons of color. Glaze the hair in between foils as well as sides and back with a darker shade to make the highlights pop. Rinse glaze before removing foils, then rinse again and shampoo all hair together.


1. (picture on the left, starting level 6)

Highlights: A. Goldwell Topchic 9KG with 40 Volume | B. Goldwell Topchic 6KR with 30 Volume

Glaze: Goldwell Colorance 5BP with Colorance Acid Lotion


2. (picture on top right, starting level 8)

Highlights: A. Goldwell Topchic 11V with 40 Volume. | B. Goldwell Topchic 12GN with 40 Volume

Glaze: Goldwell Colorance 8NP with Colorance Acid Lotion


3. (picture on bottom right, starting level 4)

Highlights: Goldwell Topchic Neutralights Blue Ash with 40 Volume

Glaze: Goldwell Colorance 5MB with Colorance Acid Lotion


Special thanks to Laura Martin, senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, for sharing professional hairstyling advice with Style Noted

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