Three things needed to be a bad boy rock star: Leather jacket, white T-shirt, highlights. One may mock, but it was the Punks that started the trend, and nobody messes with them. At the VMAs, Jared Leto agreed. The style is a men’s long layer shape, with a masculine short to long feel. By eliminating bulk and creating a strong perimeter, it feels both soft and textured. But it’s the macho ombre that will be remembered. Jared’s dark brown roots blend to dirty blonde ends, lightening the face for a tough macho take on modern beauty trends. To learn how to get this I-just-trashed-the-hotel-room look, click style notes.

Step: After growing hair out, ask your stylist for a masculine long layer razor-cut with center-part. Make sure of weight removal as this makes the space to create soft texture without the bulk. For the color, ask for hand-painted dark blonde ombre on the ends. By hand-painting on the color, it will look more natural.

Step: Towel-dry hair and make a center-part. Cocktail hair creme and texture paste in palms and work through hair. Scrunch, ruffle, shake and twist to create natural texture and movement.

Step: For the gritty lived-in finish, pulse layers of refinish dry shampoo into roots and shake out.

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