Taken from Cosmic-POP, a vanguard editorial collection created by the ARROJO Artistic Team, this style marries pop art and glam rock, features the booming trend for glittery roots, and comes in a marvelous minty green color. If you’re looking for a fresh and fab Holiday style, try this bold and dazzling ‘do –– it’s hip, cool, and makes your friends drool. Get the scoop in the notes. 

Step: Anyone with shoulder-length hair or longer can get this look. For the color, the lighter your hair is, the easier to achieve this minty green will be. Take pictures of the color to your colorist so nothing is lost in translation; most likely a bleach and tone will be required. Bleaching will create a light canvas, then it’s a matter of finding the right shade of minty green.

Step: For styling, use defrizz serum to blow-dry smooth. Keep hair sleek to the head as you gather the hair on top of the head and twist into an edgy pony. Anchor with fierce firm hold hairspray. If desired, tie an edgy accessory around the pony and let it fall forwards, adding more drama to the look.

Step: For glittery roots, apply a light coat of hair gel to the parts of the head where you want the glitter, and delicately paint on glitter with a small paint brush. Learn more about glitter roots in this Style Noted post.

Credits for Cosmic-POP 

Hair: Lina Arrojo, Rea Winter, Aziza Rasulova Zach Norman, Zoe Rose, Blaine Lewis using ARROJO Product

Make up: Anastasia Durasova

Styling: Tina Le Noble, Nicky Ottav

Photo: Cody Lidtke

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