A simple side knot is elevated with the addition of multiple shapes and sizes of braids. Highlighted strands on a dark base create a chunky, textured surface that maximizes the effect. Sophisticated touches, like a deep side part and scalloped side sweep, give a girlish style a grown up feel. Wear it to an office party, on a first date, or a to brunch with the girls; pair it with a feminine blouse and soft makeup. Get this pretty style in a few simple steps.

Step: Create a deep part on one side of the head starting at the corner of the brow. Take a large section of hair on the same side as the parting from just below the crown to behind the ear and Clip out of the way. Comb remaining hair into a smooth low ponytail on the opposite side.

Step: Separate remaining section into 3-4 smaller sections. Braid each section into a plait, rope, or fishtail as desired, creating different sizes of braids. Pull the braids around the top of the head and secure into place on the opposite side, near the ponytail. Space braids apart slightly to reveal the smooth texture underneath.

Step: Take the end of the ponytail and wrap up and over the braids forming a loose bun. Pull apart edges of bun with fingers for a lightly mussed feeling and mist with holding spray. If you have a fringe, use a small round brush to flip ends up and over the edge of the braid closest to face creating a ruffled effect.

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