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This image is taken from the Holographic collection by Ashley Kowalsky and Zach Norman. As a creative hair color technique, Holographic blends the trendsetting art of hair painting with the vanguard art of air brushing, which uses compressed air to apply color in tailored gradients, creating light intensity and illumination that drifts with the shape of the style. The technique enables creative color creations and placements, exemplified by this long length featuring ribbons of blue, red and yellow. Steal this look in the notes. 

Step: To create this hue, “air brushing” was used to effect the appearance of beams of light in three different tones. Air brushing is a specialized technique; check with your professional to ensure they are familiar with the service. Alternatively, the technique is practiced at all ARROJO Salon locations in NYC.

Step: To protect vivid hair colors, use color save shampoo and conditioner regularly and use whipped treatment as an occasional moisture-rich, deep conditioning treat. You can also dry clean hair with refinish dry shampoo to minimize washings, and the subsequent fading.

Step: For styling, blow-dry hair with hair creme for smooth texture. Apply defrizz serum to mid-lengths and ends and press hair straight and sleek with an iron. This super straight and shiny look is a great way to show off the color.

Step: Finish by misting healing oil over the hair for added sultriness.


Hair: Color by Ashley Kowalsky and Zach Norman, Cuts by Hilary Blistad, Emily Carroll, Corrinn Dinan

Photo: Niki Asti

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