The braid is the rage this summer. From halo to headband to French to fishtail, women and girls are wearing all kinds of elaborate entwines. One of the best, however, is a insouciant side-swept braided fringe. Fitting with beachy and bohemian trends, it’s simple to do and puts you top of the Great Hair class. Pair with loose and carefree, disheveled looks to be your own paragon of style.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Liberally apply set & style spray.

Step: Using hands and blowdryer, rough dry hair. To do, lift hair of roots, twist around fingers, toss from side to side while applying heat. This is a great way to encourage a lived-in, casual but elegant texture.

Step: Once dry, pulse Refinish dry shampoo into hair and tousle and shake. This adds grittiness and body to the texture.

Step: Separate a good-sized strand from the front and split into two. Wind the two strands over and under each other to create a basic but beautiful braid.

Step: Use a clip or bobby pins to fix side braid into hairstyle. Use extra Refinish if you want to deconstruct the texture some more.

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