Beauty products and tools are one of the most competitive marketplaces in the world; from corporate behemoths to bohemians who concoct recipes on the sidewalk, beauty brands are constantly trying to innovate, find the next big thing.  One of the best recent breakthroughs is the advent of the curling wand. Being clip-less –– as opposed to traditional irons that need to be clamped on –– wands are easier to maneuver, easier to use creatively, and they more easily put natural-looking waves and curls into modern shapes and styles.

One of our favorites is the ARROJO 1-inch curling wand. “Loose, perfectly imperfect textured hairstyles are now on the vanguard of fashion and beauty trends,” says Nick Arrojo, owner and founder of the eponymous brand. “We wanted to create a tool to make it easier to shape these styles in the salon, and at home. The wand gives tousle without the hassle –– which is what makes it so desirable.” To find out more about this revolutionary hot tool, click style notes. 

— Ergonomic and using TRIBOSTATIC technology, it is designed to achieve wow-factor waves and curls, without the challenges associated with traditional curling irons.

—  Protecting hair from heat is another elemental quality of the design. Using aluminum non-stick coated barrels the wand puts a protective barrier between heat and locks; meanwhile, the ceramic heating system encased inside the barrels protects cuticles, ensuring tresses stay soft, shiny, and healthy –– as well as beautifully wavy and curly.

— Heats to its maximum temperature within 60 seconds and delivers consistent and beautiful curls with lasting definition and hold time –– no unsightly kinks or ridges.

— For best results, alternate between curling hair towards head and away from the head, creating natural tousle and flow.


To purchase the ARROJO wand online, please click here.
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