There’s a new prescription for showing off your signature shade. Matching winter hats and caps and headscarves to your locks is a practical and trendy way to look put together, perfectly coordinating outerwear looks. Beanies, berets, and hoods look great in hues that accentuate the tones of your mane. For tips for pulling off this look, click style notes. 

Step: When selecting your headgear, pick a shape that compliments your cut. A cloche looks great paired with a bob, while a fedora pairs best with long waves.

Step: The color of your cap should be similar but not identical to your haircolor. Subtle variation will accentuate the complexity of the shade on your strands.

Step: To avoid having your hairstyle squashed by your new accessory, spray root with refinish dry shampoo before donning your cap. The product will create style memory and allow for easier fluffing when its time to go inside.

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