This exposition on blonde hair coloring is provided by Mariesa Ferraro, Senior Colorist, ARROJO studio, NYC.  

Blondes are on trend all year round. Yet as a colorist, it is noticeable that as the weather warms up, we see an increase in clients wanting to make their color lighter and brighter. A great example of what blonde can do is shown above. What makes this blonde so special is the way it works perfectly with the models skin tone and natural coloring. All shades must be tailor-made for the individual as no color, even if made with the exact same formulation, will ever be the same for two different people –– there are too many factors that go in to creating the perfect shade.

For your color consultation, it is a good idea to bring in pictures as a guide for your colorist, but bear in mind that it might not be achievable for you. As professionals, it is part of our job to advise on what is best for each person’s hair. My thoughts on achieving a similar color to this one are in the Style Notes below…

Step 1: This season, we are working on creating multi-tonal color, with a 3D effect. This not only enhances your haircut, working with a subtle difference in tones adds a natural finish with a flattering, youthful effect. Heavy one dimensional color has the tendency to look ‘wiggy‘ and that is why multi-toned colors are the most fashion-forward.

Step 2: We can see the value of multi-tonal blondes in the depth and dimension of the featured hue. Rather than focusing on getting exactly the same shade as this, clients will do better by focusing on getting the shimmering variation in tone.

Step 3: This can be done by requesting a highlight service in two different tones, followed by a glaze for shine. It’s the perfect way to achieve a luxurious, tailor-made color.


Style Notes provided by Mariesa Ferraro, Senior Colorist, ARROJO studio, NYC. 

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