Imagine Picasso with only one brush. How would he have gone from his Blue Period to his Rose Period to his invention of Cubism? Hairstyling, an artful craft, is similarly bound to the brush. Without the right sweeper, arranging styles as you like them gets tricky. Even great hairdressers are careful to choose the right tool. Some brushes are better for smoothing, others for volume. Brushes are made for different lengths and textures. It’s a matter of finding brushes that achieve the looks you want, and that work best with your tresses. Read on for our at a glance guide on choosing the best brushes for you. . . 

Small Round Bristle Brush (Diameter: 1 inch): Bristle brushes are great for smoothing because the bristles grab on to hair strands, nice and tight. Round brushes are great for volume because their shape encourages root lift. So if you want a smooth, volumized blowdry, this is the best brush. A one-inch version, however, is only suitable for short hair.

Or you can wrap hair around round brushes –– treating them like rollers –– to create curls. Hair length is less important for this action –– the small size of the one-inch round brush dictates that, when you wrap hair around it, it will create tight, curly ringlets.

Medium Round Bristle Brush (Diameter: 1.5-2.5 inches): You get the same smoothing and volumizing benefits with a medium-sized round bristle, but they are tailor-made for mid-length to long hair. With this diameter round brush, you can use it like a roller to create textural waves and soft curls.

Big Round Bristle Brush (Diameter: 2.5 inches +): The biggest round brushes offer smoothing and volumizing benefits for super thick and super long hair types. With such a big diameter, most hair types can use this brush like a roller to create loose, cascading beach waves.

Ceramic Round Brushes: Ceramic round brushes have the same features and benefits of round bristles, but the ceramic element adds other advantages. The ceramic barrel distributes heat evenly for faster drying times. Ceramic spreads and holds warmth, so hair is less likely to suffer from heat-damage, while the heat distribution also makes it easier to eliminate frizz, create shine and smoothness.

Flat Paddle Brush: Large, flat and wide, paddle brushes are versatile and popular. Great for detangling hair strands and keeping cuticles flat and frizz-free, this is a useful brush if you have a natural wave that you like to smooth out. Use small ones for getting into tight areas, like behind ears or styling bangs, and larger ones for grooming long hair.

Vent Brush: A vent brush tells its own story –– it has vents for air to pass through. These a best for short hairstyles, as they help to speed up drying time and ensure that you don’t over-dry short locks.

Wide Tooth Comb: Don’t underestimate the value of a wide-tooth comb. They are great for evenly distributing product, which is the basis of any successful shape and style.

Hands & Fingers: Often, when loose and natural textures are desired, tossing hair around with hands is the best thing to do. Fingers are also great for detailing the final look.


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