This fabulous, pretty texture exemplifies the whimsical beauty of a loose and carefree pulled up look. Wrapped in a loose twist on one side, with lots of strands hanging loose to maintain the casual, undone feeling, while framing the face, this style is perfect for brunches and lunches. If you wanted to take it for a night on the town, simply embellish with a decorative clip. For our tips, click style notes.

Step 1: The cascading texture makes this look with ethereal beauty. To create similar waves, mist hair with protective thickening lotion and curl with an iron or wand.

Step 2: Make a side-part and gather hair in the back on the long side of the part. Wrap into a loose twist. it doesn’t need to be too perfect; keep it loose, indiscriminate, and casual.

Step 3: Mist with primp for hold and shine.

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