Updos are great because, as they pull hair up and away from the face, they elevate cheekbones and chin, elongating features for an elegant look. Trouble is, most have already been done. So it’s great to see Amanda Seyfried’s inventive take on the updo. This double-knotted twist creates a visually interesting shape and texture, and will make friends jealous that you are so good at hairstyling. Although it looks complex, it’s relatively simple to do (don’t tell your friends!). To find out how, click style notes.

Step: Start by parting your hair into two horizontal sections. The top part incorporates the crown and sides, the bottom half incorporates the hair beneath the ears.

Step: Pull the top half into a tight ponytail at the top of the crown, and the bottom half into a ponytail that sits centrally, on or just below the occipital bone. Apply shine luxe oil to the ponytails for smoothness and shine.

Step: From the ends down, twist top pony into a tight coil. Loop into a figure eight and secure with pins. Repeat this process with the low pony. Secure the low twist slightly over the top twist, so the buns can knot together, rather than be separate. Pin, pin, pin so twists entwine and stay secure.

Step: Mist finished style with primp working spray for humidity defense, added texture and grip.

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