If you need to perk up your style for the Holiday weekend festivities, but prefer to keep your look natural, not done, soft and sexy waves have the beachy summer vibe that is perfect for easy-breezy barbecues and lounging by the seaside. Flouncy and bouncy, this attention-grabbing ‘do can be created with hands, with a blowdryer, or with a wand. Learn how in the notes.

Step: Use Curl Hydration shampoo and conditioner to detangle, encourage texture, and calm frizz.

Hand-Drying Technique

Towel-dry hair gently. In hands, cocktail Curl Enhancer and Styling Whip and work through hair, roots to ends. Styling Whip encourages texture; Curl Enhancer makes shapely waves. Now create a loose natural texture by using hands to gently cup and squeeze curls intermittently as they dry (imagine how one squeezes a stress ball, only be gentler).

Blow-Drying Technique

Apply the same products as above and blowdry with a diffuser attachment to get the most amount of body and wave. Alternatively, as you blow-dry, wrap sections of hair around your index finger in a spiraling motion to promote loose natural waves with not so much body.

Curling Iron Technique

Blow-dry hair loosely in hands, using the products noted above. Once dry, mist hair with Protective Thickening Lotion and use a Curling Wand to make artful waves. Begin a few inches off the roots for a straight to wavy texture that tumbles round the face frame in cascading ‘C’ shapes.


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