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Imagine you walked into the salon with the anticipation of getting a brand new A-list ‘do, but walked out disappointed. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your hair be hacked into a botched look. And while we are tempted to hide until our hair grows back, there are solutions on how to fix and even love an unimaginable new ‘do. If you’re not happy with your current cut, read on to learn some alternatives to wearing a hat everyday for the next two months. –– Michelle Rotbart
Communicate With Your Stylist 
You may be tempted to freak out, but that is the last thing you should do. Your stylist cares about their work and wants you to love your cut. A great stylist will work with you to make the proper adjustments. Let them know what you like and dislike about the cut and tell them what you expect as far as maintenance on your hair.
Have A Consultation
If you are seeing someone new, make sure to set up a consultation and plan out a strategy for your hair. To avoid a mishap, bring in photos and visuals for your stylists to see. That way you can show them exactly what you are interested in and they’ll be able to consult with you on the cut.
Be Patient
Give it time. Sometimes you have to wait a day or so for a cut to grow on you. It’s good to even style a new do yourself so it’s more lived-in. After a few awesome compliments from friends and strangers, you may just end up loving the cut your initially hated. If you’re still unsatisfied after a few days, go back to the salon and speak with your stylists about adjusting your cut.
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