In the summer braids have the duel benefit of being bohemian-chic and keeping hair off your neck; together these elements keep you looking and feeling cool in the heat. Twined crowns is one of the most popular styles. As this look usually goes from ear to ear, placing it in the front gives you a nice point of difference, and a visually interesting style. This ethereal take is a great example of how such a shape can add femininity and charm to any head of hair. Learn how to create crown braids from the front in the style notes.

Step: Begin with a shampoo and condition. Clean, dry, detangled hair will ensure the hairline is kept nice and smooth. Once hair is dry, apply some refinish dry shampoo into the roots to create texture and grip, which will help the twine bind together.

Step: Gather the front section of your hair on one side of the front hair line.

Step: Take this mass of hair in hands and separate a small section by splitting it into three strands. Begin to braid horizontally across the hairline. Incorporate new hair neatly and evenly into the new stitch as you go across the forehead.

Step: Continue to add hair to the three sections as you braid down the side and behind the ear. Once the braid has reached the back, twist into a simple bun and fix with an elastic band.

Step: Use primp working spray to add shine and hold while calming flyaways.

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