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Tidings! The Holiday Season brings parties, socializing, awkward relatives, and lots and lots of things to drink, like hot toddy’s, spiked eggnog and mulled wine. If you’ve ever drank way too much, you’ll  know that alongside the headache, the shakes and the fear, symptoms also include the skin feeling deflated and dry. You may not notice it much with all the other aches and pains but alcohol’s proclivity for creating dryness extends to your hair, leaving it brittle. Hair needs constant nourishment and your follicles rely on zinc and folic acid to maintain strength. Alcohol can affect these nutrient levels, which can even cause loss and breakage. Obviously the best solution to keep hair healthy is to drink in moderation, but since that’s not a choice many make over the Holidays, pick up a few other healthy hair habits instead. Get details below. 

Eat Well Balanced Meals 

Whatever you eat or drink directly can have an affect on your hair, so it’s very important to maintain a well balanced nutritional plan that consists of the proper vitamins, nutrients and proteins. At the holiday party, skip the snacks and go for healthy-hair foods like salmon, dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and even oysters.

Stay Hydrated

Keep your hair hydrated with products like hair repair masque and whipped treatment. The blend of proteins and rich moisture in these products will stave off any damage. Drink lots of water as well and you are sure to keep your hair nice and limber through the Holidays.

Add in Supplements

While you can’t replace a poor diet with supplements, you can at least top up on some essential ingredients for great hair. Biotin and Viviscal are both known to strengthen brittle hair, help with thickness and regrowth.

 Happy Holidays, Happy Hair Days! 





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