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Every year it seems like there’s a new miracle hair product promising you bigger, better, and swirlier waves and curls for summer. What they don’t tell you is that, if you have natural texture, better than any product will be a diffuser, a simple $20-$40 attachment you can clip onto your blow dryer. Click the notes to find out how to use one.

— The air of a blow dryer can blow your curly hair around too much and disturb your curl formation, making it frizzy and wild. The diffuser takes away all the air of a blow dryer but keeps all the heat; it will dry curly hair without blowing on it, using the heat to lock the curl in place.

— Apply your favorite wavy / curly hair styling products to damp, towel-dried hair. If you’re between products, try mixing Curl Enhancer and Styling Creme for lots of body and soft hold, with wave and curl.

— Attach and use your diffuser. Tip: You want to try and get to your roots first because ends are finer hair strands, drying much faster as a consequence. If you dry the ends first and then try to get at your roots you’ll end up over-drying your ends. Hang your head over, letting your hair fall downwards to the floor, and place the diffuser as close to the roots as possible.

— As you diffuse, gently rotate around your head. Never hold your diffuser still for more than a second or two. You don’t want too much heat in one place for too long. Rotate and move, up and down, left and right.

— Once dry you may find your curls set in a slightly crisp curl formation. This is normal and nothing to worry about. You can now use your fingers to tousle and ruffle your roots to develop softer, looser curls or swirls.

–– Once you’re happy with the style, try not to run hands through the hair too much. A curly shape doesn’t fall back so easily into place.

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